Thursday, 6 November 2014

fortunately i don't have a professional life, its all personal.

Aaaaaah  so here I am again don’t know what to type another empty day in a empty month in a empty year so far. With 2014 almost at its climax I have started analyzing it which I never did before. So why I am doing it now, may be I had expected 2014 to be much better, expectations kills us isn't it ? with only 2 paintings done in the year so far compared to 2013 where I had more  than 20 watercolor works  and same with the earlier year it is very disappointing . So what went wrong suddenly , what went wrong? what went wrong?..... ting ting ting ting ting ping .
I think I should not discuss that and must focus on what I m going to do for  next 50 days,  with all my post in 2014 looking so dead I will be elaborating on them and writing a lot on my future post, hoping that might change the way I have looked at 2014 so far.

Starting with an experience which really refreshed my body and soul  recently , a get together with the school mates,  9 years since we passed out we never really met, and I didn't really wanted to meet until a  alchemy made it happen,  four beautiful girls , the good old mates woke me up that morning , didn't wanted to disappoint them ,was soon ready and up for the experience . what  I thought  was a picnic turned  out  to be a one hour trek  from a dense forest , susurrous streams which made stones smooth and slippery, resulting into a difficulty in crossing them. I don’t know what others felt about the place but for me it was serendipitous outing, I always have loved nature, and had only imagined a experience like these. Wont write or describe it more instead i will the paint the elixir of that experience soon.