Saturday, 18 August 2012


Watercolor on paper 300gsm A3 size
One of my old paintings, yet its very refreshing, personally i liked the depth and the contrast  i managed to get in this one, which is one of the most important things to remember while doing a painting and has lots of impact on the viewer sometimes its even helps one to create an emphasis on a particular part of the painting, if you see here the shades/ or the strong values of the colors near the huts takes the viewer deep inside it, well i also had lot of blank white space to get the viewer out from those bushes, which also balances my painting. i wish i could paint these on spot where i had sketched it with pencil  unfortunately there wasn't a fair place to spread my painting kit even the way was a busy one as people many villagers were making their way to the fields just managed to feel the environment of this particular spot, i thing it helped me a lot when i painted this one in the studio.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Monsoon Poetry

Watercolor on Paper 300gsm
   Yes its one of my good paintings i have painted so far, specifically because of the atmosphere which i managed to produce. following painting was composed from a photo reference, which was clicked on Amboli Ghats (India) the color is always something to work on when i paint from photograph to get the best possible results, and i feel every artist must do that and paint according to his/her style instead of blindly copying the photographs,  though i have painted many paintings from photograph i believe a personal touch is  must to it, as i am painting more day by day i am also learning lots of things about the water medium and i am glad to see my watercolor paintings are now moving ahead of  all those watercolor accidents which were great but i was never able to crack the code of that accident, how did i get that effect? that was the question which always use to run along with my blood flow............... i can see that i am getting my answers one by one.  
    I have also noticed one thing about it if your having some problems in handling the medium, no watercolor masters advice , no art demo's will help you unless and until u practice, watercolor handling is all about the amount of time one spends with the medium.