Saturday, 7 April 2012

Around 11:30am

watercolors on handmade paper 16x14
I liked the light falling on this one, the morning light amazingly made the subject more dynamic, and simplifying it was made easy, even i didn't worry to change anything much as the subject itself stood attractively amazing.

People and Birds

Watercolor on handmade paper 11x15
  Goa is all about beautiful ancient architecture and  The vibrance of  it always catches my eye. One of my favorite spot, always crowded with many tourist along with many birdies resting in the corners of the structure. i like painting with shades its something i can't brush aside, the colors were ready mixed this time..........
  following painting was also part of 37th State Art Exhibition, Goa

Friday, 6 April 2012


  watercolor on handmade paper 7.5x14
 painting green's is something which keeps me concerned in the artwork, peculiarly Indian village scenes which are different, with some beautiful coalition of yellow's and blue's, the above painting was studio painted after taking a image reference though many changes were made , i kept it fresh and bright to get a feeling of sunny day in the monsoon's, a rare situation though its one of the beautiful aspect  to witness during monsoons.... with the novelty of the rain and the luminance of the sun.